November saw the release of not even a single significant picture. Only Samantha's Yashoda should be regarded as important on the list. Leaving that aside, a few independent movies had a big month at the box office. Allu Sirish's "Urvasivo Rakshasivo" was released in the first week of november and received positive reviews. It might enhance Sirish's reputation for finally composing a picture with great reviews. However, given the budget used and the revenue generated in theatres, it cannot be regarded as a commercial success. Despite the discussion, the audience didn't show any interest in seeing Allu Sirish's movie because of their altered tastes.

These were released at the same time as other smaller movies like Jetti, Bomma Blockbuster, Banares, Like Share and Subscribe, Saradhi, Taggedele, and Aakasam. But none of these movies managed to catch people's attention. Last but not least, Merlapaka gandhi and Santhosh Sobhan's "Like Share and Subscribe" video utterly failed. Yashoda by samantha was published during the second week of November. It might somewhat meet the expectations. This movie fits the definition of a hit in Samantha's filmography. samantha now has more confidence to continue making films that focus on women. girl Friend, Madhi, Insecure, Clue, and Adharam were also released at the same time and turned out to be complete flops.

The horror movie Masooda and Sudigali Sudheer's "Gaalodu" were both released in the third week of the month. Both movies were commercially successful. While Gaalodu generated outstanding box office results, Masooda captured the attention of those who were interested in these kind of movies. The Tamil-dubbed movie love Today provided a successful capper to the month by becoming a respectable hit at the box office. The revenues are strong and they crossed the breakeven point to turn a profit. Despite some favourable press before its release, allari Naresh's Maredmilli Prajaaneekam failed commercially three days later. Thodelu, Ranasthali, Vala, and Manninchava, among other films, have vanished into thin air.

Another intriguing development this month is the debut screening of ANR, a film that jayasudha began in 1982, at a single hyderabad theatre. But Singeetam srinivas Rao, the director of Jayasudha, disregarded it. Jarlamudi Radhakrishna, the film's producer, tried to market it in his own style, but it failed to draw in viewers. In between these straight and dub films, there were a few re-releases. Despite being released in a small number of theatres, Nuvve Nuvve, Varsham, Rebel, and badshah failed to generate any buzz. LoveToday, Yasodha, and Gaalodu represent this month's sole commercial achievements. Masooda is the other movie that kept some viewers interested.

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