The entire south Asian cinema business was shaken by Alphonse Puthren's premam in addition to the malayalam industry. premam followed a man as he went through many stages of life looking for love. Due to how realistic it was, everyone who watched fell in love with the movie. After premam, Puthren is now making a comeback with gold, a movie starring prithviraj and Nayanthara.

The most notable aspect was that no songs, trailers, tv commercials, or genre descriptions were ever issued. Many people were eager to see what Puthren had to offer this time. However, based on early reports, it appears that Puthren has entirely failed this time. Neither the comedy nor the feelings are effective. Many people on social media claim that a short video of 30 minutes might have adequately portrayed the story of the movie. Some people believe that gold was a tiresome 165-minute instagram reel.

Many people are unhappy that Nayanthara received a bad deal because she doesn't have a pivotal part in the movie. Overall, gold is a letdown. The movie doesn't work and only serves to demonstrate that "All That Glitters are Not Gold" in spite of its strong star cast and Premem factor.

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