An intimate video of a couple in Bengaluru Metro goes viral!!!!

In india, there is debate over the practice of public display of affection, or PDA. As time goes on, more people are growing accustomed to the notion of witnessing couples engaging in PDA. The overall consensus is still against showing affection in public, though. A pair was shown in a video that an X user recently shared, standing together inside a metro station. The couple's faces are disguised. "Hey what is happening in Namma metro?," the X user tweeted, tagging the official accounts of Bengaluru City police and Bangalore Metro rail Corporation Limited. Bangalore metro is gradually evolving into Delhi metro. Do something about them. The boy was being kissed by the girl.

People are now split over this post. The other side contends that PDA should not be a problem in the modern era and that the individual who made and released the film should be punished for invasion of privacy, despite the fact that many feel that PDA in public areas causes discomfort to others and is against public morality. In a remark on this video, the Bengaluru City police stated, "Noted, Please provide your contact number via DM."

"Videotaping people without their consent is illegal and punishable by law under section 354C IPC with a maximum imprisonment of 3 years," an X user commented. Thus, what you did is against the law, and you will have to face legal action for recording video without kids' permission. Another commenter expressed a similar opinion when they said, "People like you will travel outside of india and find it okay to hug or kiss without realizing the problem is you people here in India. There is nothing incorrect here. Just a small gesture of affection. A case against you for taping them without their permission would be ideal.

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