Public people frequently struggle with public speaking, thus it's possible that Nandamuri balakrishna experienced a little embarrassing moment at a recent occasion. But it is improper to denigrate or disparage other actors, and such conduct should not be condoned. For the sake of their reputation, public personalities should always act in a respectful and professional manner. Earlier this week, balakrishna used the phrase "Akkineni Tokkineni" in a context during his speech at the Veera simha Reddy event.

Akkineni In response, naga chaitanya and Akkineni akhil posted a brief remark on social media today. It is improper for one public figure to criticise another in front of the general public, and it is crucial that people act professionally and respectfully at all times. However, naga chaitanya has the right to his opinion, and it is obvious that he respects the actors Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, Akkineni Nageswara Rao, and sv Ranga Rao and thinks that other people in the profession should do the same.

After Akkineni's reacted, twitter was trending with hashtags #MentalBalakrishna and #MentalBalayya and the fans started abusing the rival actor at once and the war of words between the fans have sparked a fire already.

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