The box office performance of the movie "Godfather" can best be characterised as neither a huge financial success like "Waltair Veerayya" nor a failure like "Acharya." It earned positive reviews overall and was a remake of a popular malayalam movie. "Godfather" was a nice break for chiranjeevi after a run of box office duds. In the television presentation of the movie, the actor's likeness has been preserved.

The film's premiere was recently broadcast on gemini tv, and it received a good 7.7 tv rating in terms of viewership. The fact that this movie's tv ratings were greater than those of his earlier productions, such "Sye Raa" and "Acharya," suggests that a bigger audience watched it on television. Nevertheless, "Godfather" received lesser scores than "F3," "Bangarraju," and "Akhanda." Nevertheless, this is a nice change for Chiranjeevi. Soon, "Waltair Veerayya" will make its television premiere, and it will unquestionably succeed.

Lucifer by mohanlal wasn't precisely a masterpiece or a great example of storytelling. There were some stirring moments, but overall the story felt a little cliched. The majority of the twists were also very foreseeable. Fans of Lalettan, however, found the movie to be a joy because it allowed the Complete Actor plenty of opportunities to display his talents. The telugu version, GodFather, is essentially the same.

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