Rakhi Sawant Marriage: rakhi sawant was seen falling at the feet of photographers, and said - don't make Adil a big star

Rakhi Sawant has been in media headlines for a long time regarding her personal life. Once again the clouds of crisis are hovering over their marriage.

Rakhi Sawant's personal life is going through a lot of ups and downs these days. Recently, the shadow of the mother has risen from Rakhi's head. Rakhi could not even mourn the death of her mother properly and now she is worried about her married life. Once again Rakhi's married life is in trouble. They are afraid that Adil might divorce somewhere. However, Rakhi has also challenged Adil that she will go to every court in the world to seek justice for herself. Along with this, Rakhi has also requested the media not to interview Adil. For this, she was seen falling at the feet of the photographers. Its video is going viral on social media.

Rakhi Sawant has been in media headlines for a long time regarding her personal life. rakhi sawant shared the information about her marriage with Adil Durrani with fans through social media last month. He also shared the pictures. After this, she was worried about the fact that Adil was not accepting the marriage. A few days later, Adil accepts the marriage to Rakhi. everything went fine. Now suddenly again there is a storm in Rakhi's married life.

A video has been shared from Viral Bhiyani's instagram account. Rakhi is seen crying a lot in this. She has said, 'I will ask Allah. I will do thirty days. I will perform Umrah. It is a good thing if you take Adil to Umrah, otherwise, I have many Muslim brothers, and I will go with them. I am a true wife. I have sincerely accepted Islam. He will come to me after improving. Apart from this, Rakhi is saying, 'If Adil is not loyal to me, then I want to say that he cannot be loyal to you either. I have given them my blood. I have given everything to Adil. Whatever happened to me, should not happen to anyone. Adil, you can't divorce me. I will go to every court in the world. I will go to the court of Allah. Don't threaten divorce.

In another video, Rakhi is seen requesting the media not to cover much of Adil. Rakhi is telling the paparazzi, 'If you guys do this, I will change the gym. He deliberately does not come to the gym. He is an effigy of lies. Keeping his hand on the Quran, he swore that he would block that girl. That girl is blackmailing him because she has all the proof. With folded hands, I have only one request to the media. I fall at your feet I am the one who brought him to the media. Don't make him I don't want you to interview Adil and she becomes a huge star

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