Unstoppable with NBK and Pawan Kalyan's highly anticipated power finish is currently available for streaming. Although the presentation is undoubtedly quite remarkable, the engaging dialogues between balayya and pawan kalyan largely consist of known facts with a few sparkling details. Throughout the concert, pawan kalyan maintained his customary understated demeanour, but he did occasionally make a funny joke. pawan kalyan tried his best for a talk show, stating things like "Show begins avvakundane chamatalu padutunnayi" and many other things.

Pawan kalyan opened himself on the show, discussing anything from his most embarrassing moment to his relationship with ram Charan. The camaraderie between pawan kalyan and Trivikram, as well as their argument on their first encounter in the "Athadu" narration, where pawan kalyan supposedly slept off, are other intriguing disclosures. Trivikra will be treated as a "guruvu" by Pawan Kalyan, who also refers to him as "Gurubhai."

In political gatherings, pawan kalyan frequently responded to the remark about the "3 marriages," but this was the first time he acknowledged what had actually transpired. Although Pawan claimed to have a traditional life, three marriages resulted from disagreements in viewpoints and external factors. There is no shame in what I did, Pawan declared. I didn't wed them all at once. pawan kalyan discussed how his weddings have come to be used as a tool for political criticism and how his sense of self-righteousness prevents him from opining on the private lives of many politicians.

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