The well-known actor vijay deverakonda will shortly start shooting a historical crime drama. He began production on this new movie since gowtam Tinnanuri's filming of his earlier project, "Kushi," had to be postponed. When "Kushi" filming picks back up, vijay deverakonda will return to the set. He plans to work on both movies at the same time while the Tinnanuri project is also under progress.

Vijay Deverakonda will portray a police officer in the movie that gowtam tinnanuri is directing. It will be less difficult for him to manage working on both films at the same time because the uniform is the only necessity for his appearance. The movie "Liger," which cost him time and reputation, was Vijay Deverakonda's biggest failure of his career. He hopes to make up for the previous setback and recoup what was lost with these two brand-new movies.

Vijay Deverakonda, an actor, is giving us huge family goals in his photos from Dubai. With his parents, Vijay is currently travelling in dubai and has shared some stunning images online. Together with his parents Govardhana Rao and Madhavi, he recently travelled to dubai for a brief vacation. rashmika is also staying with him at a high-end, exclusive hotel, and the pictures have already gone viral on social media.

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