One of the most successful producers in telugu cinema is Allu Aravind. Here is what transpired behind the scenes prior to his request for a "serious" press conference later today. The team behind allu aravind claims to have a project with vijay deverakonda and parasuram, with whom they previously worked on geetha Govindam. dil raju then revealed a proposal involving this combo. allu aravind claims that dil raju stole the project, and he will talk about this subject in today's press conference.

However, according to sources, vijay deverakonda denies having officially inked any project with Allu Aravind. It is known that vijay deverakonda respects aravind greatly and that he is verbally open to working on a project with him. However, there is no formal written arrangement in place, and dil raju is the only one from whom he has accepted an advance. 

According to rumours, dil raju is the only telugu film producer from whom Vijay has accepted an advance. Around ten directors were brought to Vijay by the celebrity producer, but nothing happened until Vijay decided he liked the script written by Parasuram. They aren't even sure if allu aravind and parasuram have a deal. The only thing Vijay did was provide the script to parasuram, who arrived via dil Raju.

Following this issue, parasuram allegedly informed vijay deverakonda that he was not yet committed to working on a movie with him under Allu Aravind's production and that he had not yet received any money. allu aravind allegedly wants to speak about how dil raju locked a combination that the former was supposed to execute at a news conference on this situation. The general consensus is that Vijay Deverakonda, despite what he claims, is not at all involved in this. Did parasuram take any action in the interim? Or is dil raju involved in taking action to eliminate allu aravind from the picture? We must wait and see. In the nick of time, allu aravind cancelled the press conference.

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