Mahesh Babu, a superstar, garners attention for whatever he does. Additionally, it becomes a heated topic of conversation if he visits a government building. mahesh babu went to the Aadhaar verification office in Durga, Cheruvu, which is close to Hitech City, yesterday. He was dressed in a casual shirt and had a stylish haircut, and he appeared to be his regular handsome self. The reason Mahesh visited the Aadhaar verification office, however, is a mystery to everyone. Does this imply he hasn't had an Aadhaar card for the past few years?

Aadhaar is one of the most significant documents in today's world, as is well known. Any indian in the nation has this as their defining characteristic. Your Aadhaar is connected to all of your bank accounts. When it comes to KYC, verification, and identification requirements, it is a crucial document. Without an Aadhaar card, one cannot even purchase a SIM card. Your bank accounts may potentially be suspended if you lack an Aadhaar number. Simply said, it is nearly impossible to live in this country without an Aadhaar.

People on social media are questioning how Mahesh managed all these years without an Aadhaar card if he is getting his Aadhaar done now. Mahesh is currently working nonstop on the production of his upcoming Trivikram-directed movie, SSMB28.

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