Superstar prabhas is without a doubt one of the most popular stars now in the indian film industry. He is reportedly receiving a staggering 150 crores in compensation for each film. Yet unlike other well-known actors like akshay kumar and ajay Devgan, this one isn't making investments in numerous enterprises to increase the value of his income.

Now, a small insider has informed me that prabhas is actually making numerous investment strategies in order to gradually increase his wealth. He wants to start new businesses where his engagement will be smaller but the long-term rewards will be more lucrative, even though erecting theatres and making investments in the film-production industry are already being done.

According to reports, he decided to focus on three investment opportunities: collaborating with a construction firm, investing in thermal and other energy-generating units, and starting a second product-building company abroad. According to rumours, this element is being handled by his cousin Pramod and his sister (Krishnamraju's daughter), and prabhas will choose one of them very soon. We can only hope that Prabhas' name appears on the forbes List very soon if his business savvy pays off in a huge way.

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