After the renowned mobster Khaleed kills his brother, Arakeshwara nicknamed Arka (played by Upendra), an air force pilot, becomes the don of Amarapura. Khaleed is killed, and Arakeshwara takes control of Amarapura. Later, a cop and two other dons arrive to kill Arakeshwara, but they perish the same way as Khaleed.

In the meantime, Arka marries his royal family descendent childhood sweetheart Madhumati (played by Shriya). However her father Bahadur, who is portrayed by actor murali Sharma, opposes their union. Eventually, it is revealed that Bahadur had been preparing to murder Arka. The indian government sends police to murder Arka when Bahadur kidnaps his daughter Madumati and her children. It is unclear what Arka will do.

Even though upendra has starred in many great films, he looks miscast in this disorganised and meaningless drama. His acting is cliched. He shares the same archaic speech and exaggerated appearance as the other actors. These are humorous caricatures, the adversaries. As a member of the royal family, murali Sharma is another actor who falls flat. sudha overplays her role as Upendra's mother to the hilt. Shriya like a character out of a 1960s film. The item song by tanya hope is of no benefit. Superstars of the kannada cinema industry Kichcha sudeep and Shivarajkumar both make guest appearances.

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