Dalljiet Kaur will take seven rounds with Nikhil today, talk about her excitement and unique mehndi

Recently, tv actress Dalljiet Kaur opened up about her feelings for her wedding with Nikhil patel and also revealed the story behind her unique mehandi

TV actress Dalljiet Kaur is all set to tie the knot today i.e. on march 18, 2023, with her UK-based fiance Nikhil Patel. The mehndi ceremony of the actress took place on march 16 and on march 17, Dalljiet shared pictures of her Haldi and sangeet ceremonies. Now in his recent interview, he has expressed his excitement about marriage

Let us inform you that Dalljiet had flaunted her mehndi by sharing some pictures of her mehndi ceremony and believe me everyone's attention was stopped on her mehndi. The mehndi of the actress was very unique, talking about which Dalljiet told 'ETimes', “It was a thoughtful mehndi design, in which my and Nikhil's life was shown. One hand has a bride and a camera and 'Take 2' is also written on it because this is what is happening in my life.

Further in this conversation, he said, "There is an airplane on the other side because Nikhil travels a lot. There is also a drawing of the two parents and three children (Diljit's nine-year-old son Jaden and daughters Nikhil, 13-year-old Arianna, and eight-year-old Anika). I hope we hold hands together forever as parents and as a family.' Click here to see pictures of Dalljiet's haldi.

Dalljiet expressed her feelings about marriage

Expressing her feelings about the wedding, Diljit says, “I am excited, but even more nervous. I thought I had a month or two for the big day, now is the time. However, time has gone by so fast, and now is the wedding. It's an interesting phase of my life and a lot of things are about to change. My whole life is about to turn around and I will welcome it with an open heart. I hope this decision is the right one for Jaden and me. It will be interesting to see how the two families connect."

Daljeet-Nikhil's love story

For information, let us tell you that this is the second marriage of both Daljeet and Nikhil. Dalljiet was earlier married to tv actor Shaleen Bhanot. They have a son, Jaden. At the same time, Nikhil is also already married and the father of two daughters, Ariana and Anika. Dalljiet met Nikhil last year at a common friend's party in Dubai. Thereafter, the two spoke as parents and the conversation revolved around their children. Dalljiet Kaur Sangeet: Couple twinning in a green dress, dance with friends rocked, 

Later both realized their love and now both are getting married. After marrying Nikhil, Diljit will go abroad with him. Their son Jaden and Nikhil's elder daughter Arianna will be staying with the couple.

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