One of the hot topics of debate in indian cinema for a while now has been nepotism. Even bollywood has an anti-nepotism campaign. ram charan offered a really intriguing perspective on the subject when questioned about it. "I don't really get the story about nepotism. No matter how much padding you have, if you lack the discipline and grit to succeed, you will fail, according to ram charan Charan.

I started out in the business as Chiranjeevi's son. I accept that is why I had access. But I've always had a liking for movies and wanted to act. I made an effort to achieve it, and that is how I have survived for 14 years. For every movie, I give my all. stated Charan. According to Charan, having discipline is crucial for actors because without it, every actor, no matter how talented, will crumble.

Ram Charan continued by saying that he finds biopics to be rather fascinating and that, if the opportunity arises, he would dearly love to make one about Team india star Virat Kohli. Charan's blunt discussion on nepotism is pertinent, yet he wasn't tactful in his approach as he expected.

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