Rajini & Vijay can't be in cinema if their films fail..!?

Actors Rajinikanth, kamal haasan, and Vijay are the biggest legends of tamil cinema. The entire economy of tamil cinema depends on their films. A controversial comment made by a famous director about them is currently going viral on social media. Superstars Rajinikanth and Ulaga Naayagan kamal haasan have been the top stars of tamil cinema for the past three generations. Thalapathy Vijay is the same. His screen journey started almost in the 90s and is still at its peak till today. He is the grossing king of today's Kollywood. In a recent interview, famous director Ameer made controversial comments about these three. As for Ameer, he likes Rajinikanth a lot. And Rajini has been insisting that he is the only superstar. At the same time, he never fails to point out Rajini's mistakes. Now in that interview, Ameerr has said that successful films are the only sign for actors Rajinikanth and Vijay, and if they don't give them hits they can't be in the cinema, but as far as the Ulaga Naayagan kamal haasan is concerned, the failure films are the sign for him and even if he gives a failure film, he will remain in the cinema. Kamal Haasan's failed films like Guna, Aalavanthan, Hey Ram, raja Pravi, and mahanadi are still his landmarks. Although these films were commercial failures, they are still celebrated by tamil cinema fans even today.But for both Superstars Rajinikanth and Vijay, their hit films are what fans are talking about to date. Rajini means Badshah, Padayappa, muthu and Vijay means Thupakki, Gilli is the only movie that is being talked about by the fans.

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