Due to the long-term sustainability of a mass image, every hero of this generation strives to develop one. Actor naga chaitanya from the Akkineni is no exception. Since his debut, he has been attempting to establish a popular image, but without success. Josh, naga Chaitanya's debut film, failed in its attempt to establish a popular image. Subsequently, he produced Ye maya Chesave, a class movie that went on to become a hit.

Following that, Chay made an effort to establish a popular image with movies like Yuddham Sharanam, Autonagar Surya, Dhada, Thadaka, and Bezawada. Yet none of them helped him gain such a large following. All of his hits, including 100% love, Manam, Premam, Majili, and love Story, were stories of the working class. The newest film from naga chaitanya, Custody, is being directed by venkat Prabhu. In it, he takes on the job of a constable.

This movie's teaser was just released. It's an action drama movie. venkat prabhu is renowned for producing successful tamil songs. He is therefore the best option for Chay to land a big hit. As a result, Chay and his supporters have high expectations for venkat Prabhu. Custody may become the massive success that Chay so desperately needs. Krithi Shetty plays the female role in Custody. It is scheduled for a big release in both tamil and telugu on May 12.

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