Rumors have been circulating for days that renowned filmmaker SS rajamouli spent millions of rupees on the oscar campaign for his most recent film, "RRR." Rumors that rajamouli personally paid close to 80 crores on the campaign from his own pocket were further fueled by individuals like Tammareddy Bharadwaja. In the end, the campaign was successful, as the movie received an oscar for "Best Original Song." The campaign budget discussion is undoubtedly disturbing the non-contestants, though.

SS karthikeya has recently made clear how much money was allocated to the oscar campaign for the film in an interview. We did everything ourselves because we didn't have a chance to rely on a hollywood company for an oscar campaign. At first, we had a budget of fewer than 5 crores, but later, we decided that 3.5 crores would be sufficient to complete the campaign. However, since we also held a few special screenings in New York and Los Angeles, we ultimately spent close to 8.5 crores.

The skilled assistant director, who also happens to be SS Rajamouli's son, noted that despite the fact that they had spent millions, it was the audience, out of love and respect for the film, that had promoted it for free. "We are unable to purchase the audience's love. There was no way to get directors like Steven Spielberg and james cameron to discuss the movie. I'm glad we earned that respect," karthikeya continued. The person in charge of overseeing the entire campaign activity has now come clean about the exact budget used for the oscar campaign.

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