How did it feel to talk in the telangana language?

I learned the telangana language from Srinath, the assistant of director srikanth Odela. He is extremely proficient in telangana slang. A professor was also a member of our team. Even the smallest details were attended to. I did my own dubbing for the film. Normally, it takes me two to three days to finish the dubbing, but for dasara, it took me five to six days.

What kind of assignments did you complete for this movie?

The film's director, srikanth Odela, had a clear vision and wrote a flawless script. A filmmaker will have a vision that he used to develop the plot and characters. I strive to comprehend the director's intent as an actress before performing my duties.

How did you find working for nani after Nenu Local?

I waited for a character like vennela after nenu local and I finally got one. Working with nani Garu again was a real pleasure. I waited a long time for a character like vennela since she is quite distinctive.

There was conjecture that you will work in bollywood after Mahanati. However, you didn't. What do you think about dasara being released in all languages now?

I was exposed to a couple tales, but I didn't think the characters were really compelling. Since dasara is being released in all languages, I might receive some offers. I want to work in bollywood, but there needs to be a compelling plot and compelling characters for it to happen.

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