The oscar winners rrr team attended a pre-Oscar party thrown by indian actress priyanka chopra for South Asian talent. However, in a recent instance, priyanka chopra accidentally set off twitter trolls by referring to rrr as a tamil movie. On her podcast called Armchair Expert, priyanka chopra spoke with Dax Shepard. priyanka chopra firmly corrected Shepard when he incorrectly referred to the rrr as a "Bollywood film" by calling it a "Tamil film."

Shepard likened bollywood to hollywood in the 1950s, when a select few stars and major companies dominated the industry. Don't assume you are far from it, priyanka responded in agreement to his remark. I believe that big studios would produce five-actor movies, but the game has completely shifted since then. It's live, to start with. So many content creators now have access thanks to it. bollywood is changing.

The host then brought up S.S. Rajamouli's "RRR," whose tune "Naatu Naatu" took home the big prize at the 95th Academy Awards. priyanka chopra was eager to correct him, but she ultimately made a mistake. By the way, that video is in tamil, priyanka remarked. Like our Avengers, it's a huge, mega, blockbuster tamil movie that accomplishes all of those things.
 Due to her ambiguity, twitter erupted in fury. Many telugu people began making fun of her and expressing their displeasure at Priyanka's stupid remarks.

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