These days, many hollywood leading ladies are revealing themselves to be deeply spiritual, as evidenced by the Hindu pilgrimages that samantha and Nayanthara have taken. And currently, the 'Raja syamala Homam' is said to be the biggest activity some of these star heroines are doing. Most of them are unsure of what it is or why these famous women are participating in the movement. Here is what is currently occurring.

If reports are to be believed, samantha had raja Syamala Homam performed with 12 priests at her hyderabad home a few months previously. She performed other homams as well, at various churches and other locations. Then comes Rashmika, who is said to have travelled to karnataka from hyderabad in a bus packed with priests to conduct raja Syamala Homam. When this homam is done, it is thought to bring about successful business outcomes and provide protection from enemies.

Priests from hyderabad were recently brought to mumbai by another heroine, Nidhie Aggerwal, to conduct the exact same homam. There are rumours that other famous women, including kriti sanon and pooja hegde, are waiting in line for the same homam. Last month, pooja already conducted a few homams at the Peddamma Temple. Well, that's what's taking place right now.

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