Tollywood has had a fantastic first quarter of 2023, with a number of hits and blockbusters illuminating the box office. The new year began with a bang at the box office, with ravi Teja's Dhamaka continuing its fantastic run and becoming a huge success. There were other films as well that made people happy in the industry and among admirers. The best 5 tollywood movies of the first quarter are listed below.

After Akhanda, balakrishna maintained his incredible success streak with Veera simha Reddy. The movie opened to standing ovations, had fantastic first-day and weekend figures, and inspired a balayya craze for Sankranti.

Waltair Veerayya, starring Mega Star chiranjeevi, is ranked first among the best 5 tollywood films of the year. Boss did indeed resurface and appear after seeing the movie. as a huge hit and sankranti victor in the fight between chiru and Balayya

The year's biggest shocker at the tollywood box office in the first quarter was Dhanush's film Sir. The venky atluri movie became Dhanush's highest-grossing of his career in telugu states and landed him in the top 5 of tollywood for the first three months.

Balagam, a surprise success for venu Yeldandi Balagam has enjoyed success at the box office and on demand, and it won the hearts of the public. The movie won the award for best small film of the year and got rave reviews. The movie has made over Rs 20 lakhs and performed incredibly well in Nizam.

Dasara - Nani's dasara made a significant impression at the tollywood box office and set records for opening weekend numbers, surpassing those of Waltair Veerayya and Veera simha Reddy. The movie's strong opening weekend is poised to propel it even further and give nani the boost he sorely needed.

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