More than just fans remembering old times, the re-release fad has become a frenzy. The desire of distributors to make money and the demand from fans are pushing older films into theaters, but few of them are making money.

Except for a select few movies like Pokiri, Jalsa, Chennakesava Reddy, Khushi, and Orange, other movies were unable to find financial success. The producers' intention to appeal to fans' emotions to sell more merchandise is stirring up more contentious debates everywhere. NTR's andhrawala, which only managed to draw a crowd in one or two theaters, is a recent example of a monumental failure.

In the instance of andhrawala, it has been reported that ntr fans begged the distributor to hold off on releasing the film and instead asked them to release a film similar to Student No 1. They have a reason when they say that when a film like andhrawala is rereleased, anti-fans will target them. The buyer hesitated before granting the followers' request.

Supporters were given some consoling news that NTR's simhadri would be released on his birthday, and the Young tiger supporters began celebrating as a result. They didn't have time to enjoy their elation before learning that NTR's Aadi would also be hitting theatres on May 20. Although both movies are worth seeing again in cinemas, fans are angry and powerless because two of their favorite movies are competing.

The necessity of releasing two of NTR's blockbuster movies simultaneously is being criticised by ntr supporters. To make it a unique occasion, they claim that only one movie should be distributed, but this is causing more confusion among fans due to distributors' greed. Fans will be divided between these two films, which will cause a significant drop in the desired "records." The question is whether the distributors truly honour the feelings of the fans or if they only view the re-releases as a significant way to make money.

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