Nathan and Allison are excitedly planning their wedding and are blissfully engaged. However, things take a tragic turn when Allie, Nathan's sister, and Nathan's brother-in-law are killed in a car crash. Nathan wants to be there for Allie, who was the driver at the time of the collision, but Allie is unable to progress past it. Allie is still having trouble and has developed an oxycontin addiction. When Allie starts going to AA meetings, she meets Daniel, Nathan's estranged father, who is also struggling to care for his granddaughter Ryan and is mourning the death of his daughter and is thinking about resuming drinking despite his lengthy sobriety journey. Although Allie and Daniel don't get along well, they are more similar than they realise.

A Good Person takes its time developing the characters, their relationships, how the accident traumatised them all, and how they are adjusting to life after the accident. Braff recognises that the trip is what matters most, even though the concluding scenes are a little hurried to get to the tragic yet hopeful conclusion. A Good Person delves into Allie and Daniel's emotions, unafraid to explore the aspects of them that they are oblivious to or unwilling to deal with. It would have been simple to turn the tale into an emotionally manipulative one. For Daniel, it's attempting to be good to his granddaughter in an effort to show he's changed; for Allie, it's avoiding taking responsibility for the accident.

The movie A Good Person makes you cry, and it's normal. Watching these people struggle and try to survive is already emotionally draining, but Pugh and Freeman's performances make it even more powerful. Pugh is consistently kind and truly cares about Allie, who is a disaster and would prefer not to feel anything at all. Pugh effectively captures Allie's battle with tenderness and a recognition that she is in pain and believes she is entitled to feel that way. This character and her journey are flawlessly captured by Pugh's wavering voice, hunched shoulders, and lingering uncertainty in her eyes.

The movie does what it needs to do in the end, despite some plot devices and a crucial scene that lacks the necessary tension to completely connect. There are also some decisions that are debatable and don't necessarily improve the scenario, such as using a blurry background to highlight one actor in a scene while leaving out another. There are numerous moments in A Good Person that show Braff is still developing as a director, and some characters might have benefited from having their grief explored more in depth.

However, the outcome is a tale that oozes heartbreak, empathy, and an interesting study of two complicated characters who have sinned and wronged others. It's a touching drama that pays intriguing, thoughtful attention to its characters.

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