The Ranguthatha film in tamil, directed by Keerthy suresh, has finished filming. With her crew on the sets, the actress celebrated the wrap-up of the production. Hombale Films, who are funding the movie and are also the ones behind kgf and Kantara, posted a few pictures of Keerthy with her crew from the shoot. The production company makes its screen debut in tamil cinema with this movie.

As Ranguthatha's session came to an end, the producers posted a few photographs from the set to Social media. Keerthy suresh can be seen posing on the sets with her crew while beaming from ear to ear. The actress looked gorgeous in a white shirt and blue striped skirt. That's a wrap, guys!, the creators remarked when posting the images. The blazing shoot of the revolution has come to an end in Raghuthatha! Keep an eye out for a revolution that will make your pulse beat faster! #Raghuthatha."

A tamil Media twisted these wrap up photos as Keerthy Partying photos and made the article as her marriage and confused everyone. suman Kumar, the award-winning author of Family Man, who will be directing Raghuthatha for the first time, conceptualised and directed the drama. The movie is marketed as an inspirational story of a young woman who discovers her true identity while setting out on a difficult journey to defend the identity of her people and land. The famous phrase "Ek gaon mein ek kisan raghu tha" from K Bhagyaraj's 1981 drama "Indru Poi Naalai Vaa" served as the inspiration for the film's title.

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