Abhishek's favorite film of his wife..!?

Abhishek Bachchan is one of the best talented actors in Bollywood. His films Yuva, Dhoom, Sarkar, and Guru won him the best actor award. In this case, he is creating a stir by praising his wife Aishwarya's performance. aishwarya Rai is the one who has become Miss World. Since then she has shown interest in acting and has acted in many films in hindi and Tamil. Especially in tamil films like Enthiran and Ravana, her performance was much talked about. Following this, Ponniyin Selvan's Nandini character directed by mani ratnam is getting good reviews. And since the film is a historical film, her performance will be on a different level accordingly. Following this, aishwarya has been giving call sheets in many films.
In this case, abhishek bachchan is attracting everyone's attention by talking proudly about his wife's performance. He also said that aishwarya became an ideal heroine in tamil through notable films. He also said that although she has acted in many films, his favorite film is Ponniyin Selvan. He was proud to say that he was amazed by the performance of his wife who played the role of Nandini in it. He also expressed his opinion that this historical character is suitable for her.
He was surprised to see his wife's performance. abhishek bachchan also said that her performance in the film got extra special. He also said that he had never appreciated her talent till now. aishwarya is proud to receive such praise from her husband.

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