Om Raut, a well-known name in indian cinema, is now working on the much-anticipated movie "Adipurush." The movie has received a tonne of interest because it stars prabhas and Kriti Sanon. Lord sriram is portrayed by prabhas, and Janaki is played by Kriti Sanon. Lankesh is played by Saif ali Khan. Tirupathi hosted the movie's pre-release event, which drew sizable audiences and increased the anticipation for its debut.

Om Raut opened the address with the cries of "Jai Shriram," which started the proceedings. "Watching the overwhelmingly positive support from all the fans is really encouraging. For us, Adipurush is more than simply a movie; it's a feeling that unites us all. Om Raut said, "I'd want to convey my thanks to producer Bhushan Kumar for giving me this chance.

He went on to emphasise how important prabhas was to the realisation of Adipurush. "I've said this before, and I'll say it again now. Without prabhas, Adipurush would not have been feasible. This movie is only a success because of our darling Prabhas. Om Raut continued, "I want to express that Adipurush belongs to indian cinema and is a movie that belongs to each and every one of us in the nation.

Om Raut concluded by urging the audience to see Adipurush on june 16 in theatres. On june 16, Adipurush will have a major pan-Indian release, giving viewers the chance to watch it in a variety of languages. The movie will enthral fans throughout the country when it finally premieres after much anticipation.

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