This is how a young leader of the country grows up from being with the youth to being one of them, keeping the common people close to him, becoming a leader who is on call if anyone calls him at any time, and keeping a distance from those who should be kept at a distance. An incendiary song beginning with 'Kodiparatte Thelimanath...' from 'Theopori Benny', which depicts the growth of such a leader, was released. Vinayak Sasikumar's sharp lyrics are complemented by Sriraj Saji's lively melody. The song is sung by Vipin Ravindran and Sreerag Saji. Femina George of 'Minnal Murali' fame will play the lead role in the film, which stars arjun Ashokan, a prominent young actor of Malayalam.

The indications are that 'Theopori Benny' will be a complete fun packed film. The film, which gives importance to family relations, friendship and love, is slated to release in theaters on 22nd of this month. After the hit films 'Romancham' and 'Pranayavilasam', the film will be Arjun's lead, so the audience is expecting a lot. Veteran malayalam actor jagadish plays the different character of Benny's father Vattakuttayil Chettai in the film.

While the father is left leaning, the son is against politics. It is known from the already released teaser and trailer that 'Theopori Benny' is a fun family entertainer film which is mixed with humor and the conflicts due to these conflicts between them, the bond of family relations and Benny's love.

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