Famous filmmaker karan johar has made a shocking revelation about Bollywood’s chocolate boy Ranbir Kapoor.

You will also be surprised to hear this. In a recent interview, karan said that ranbir kapoor is that actor of bollywood Town

who does not have any manager or PR to handle his work. He also shared his experience of working with Ranbir.

Ranbir does not have any manager karan Johar

Recently, while talking to Mid-Day in an interview, karan johar said, “Despite being a superstar, Ranbir handles

the dates of his films himself. He has no PR, no manager. Whoever he is, he is on his own. If you ask him for dates

for a movie, he opens his phone. In which all his dates are written. Looking at him, he then tells what he is doing

when. They are aware of everything about their work and vacation.

Ranbir is the calmest person in the industry - Karan

Karan also revealed that Ranbir first eats, hangs out with the director, then wants to get into his mind and then

wants to work with him. karan also told that ranbir kapoor is the calmest person in the industry. If you make him

wait even for 14 hours on the set, he will not say anything. He cannot pretend because he is very true to who he is.

Let us tell you that ranbir kapoor had done karan Johar’s film Ae dil Hai Mushkil. In which anushka Sharma

and aishwarya Rai were also with him. The film was liked a lot by the audience.

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