Producer did not help Ajith's mother's medical expenses..!?

 As for ajith, although he looks angry on the outside, he is a person who can help anyone who asks him for help. Many celebrities have said this in an interview. The reason for this was that ajith was facing humiliation from a severe cash crunch in the beginning. There is a situation where there is no money even for the medical expenses of his mother. That is, the film starring Vijay and ajith is in Raja's view. At that time Vijay was a mature actor while ajith was a very ordinary actor. And while Vijay was given 50,000 advances for that film, ajith was given 20,000. It was in this context that Ajith's mother suddenly fell ill. At that time he was also short of money so he was looking for a producer. Then ajith asked about his situation and said that he urgently needed money for his mother's medical expenses, gave him five thousand rupees, and then deducted it from his salary. But the producer ignored it. After that, he was crying and talking to someone in the office, not knowing who to go to and get money from. Following this, he gave five thousand rupees only after making ajith cry a lot. After that, he cheated by not paying the rest of the salary. ajith has kept that thing in his mind till date. He had vowed that he would definitely win over the producer who dumped him that day. ajith showed victory in it without forgetting fruit.

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