The film Jawan is making waves at the box office these days. Shah rukh Khan, deepika padukone and

Nayanthara have played lead roles in this multi-starrer film. There is also a scene of deepika Padukone’s

death sentence in the story of the film.

It is shown in the film that according to indian law, deepika has been sentenced to death. But the way it is

shown is completely different from the real law.

What is the law of death in India?

According to indian law, death penalty can be given only when the case is rare and the crime of the criminal

is so great that there is no other option left. In the Bachchan Singh case, the high court had laid down the

‘rarest of the rare’ principle. This phrase was written only once in this judgment given in paragraph 213.

It was written in this decision, Death can be given only in the rarest of rare cases, when all other options

have been unquestionably exhausted. In such a situation, on the basis of Bachchan Singh case, the court made

it clear that the court will take into account the nature of the crime. Keeping this in mind, death sentence can

be awarded only in the rarest of rare cases. However, even after this it was never clear which cases the court

considered the rarest. Legal experts believe that in such cases the court gives its verdict keeping in mind the

propensity of the crime.

A study conducted for 39A on the death penalty awarded in 306 cases between 2018 and 2022 makes it clear

that in about 10 percent of the decisions, there was no mention of why the case fell in the rarest of the rare category.

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