The rumour that National Award-winning actor allu arjun and tamil director atlee would work together has been around for a while. The hype surrounding this potent combo has grown even more among industry insiders and audiences after the premiere of Shah Rukh Khan's Jawan. Although neither party has made any formal statements about this insane idea to far, there are credible rumours that atlee intends to include allu arjun in his upcoming production of a sizable pan-Indian commercial entertainment.

Atlee responded to these persistent rumours by speaking candidly about his movie with allu arjun for the first time. In a recent interview with a well-known media site, atlee said that he and allu arjun are close friends who share a passion for acting. According to atlee, they know what to do and how to execute it, but the appropriate screenplay is necessary for the combo to work. The Jawan director said that he wants to produce bigger films than he has in the past and appeal to a wider range of viewers.

According to Atlee's comment, it is obvious that he has not yet written a script for the pushpa actor and that this endeavour may take some additional time to complete. After finishing the procedures associated with the filming of "Pushpa 2," allu arjun may begin work on Trivikram's movie before deciding on his next undertaking. He has already given the go-ahead for a movie directed by arjun reddy Vanga.

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