Telugu movie fans are buzzing about the "Da Da" remake that was just released in Tamil. The movie, "Pa Pa," is about to get a major release in telugu states cinemas. The original tamil version was a heartwarming, fun-filled family movie that connected with fans and made a lot of money at the box office. The tamil movie has done well at the box office despite the intense competition.

Everyone gave the movie a thumbs up and it was accessible on amazon Prime Video. In the meantime, the telugu crew unveiled the movie's opening image. The production team anticipates that telugu audiences would flock to the film. Kavin, Apara Das, monica Chinnakotla, Aishwarya, Bhagyaraja, and VTV Ganesh are among the leading actors in the ensemble picture. "Pa Pa" is slated to thrill and enchant telugu audiences, much like its tamil predecessor, with a combination of young romance and family drama.

Produced MS reddy says, "'Da...Da...' is a young, romantic, and family-friendly movie that was a blockbuster in Tamil. Now I can proudly say that we are releasing this movie in telugu as 'Pa...Pa...'."We had to overcome a lot of opposition and spend a sizeable sum of money to obtain the privilege to display it to our telugu speakers. We are currently unveiling the first image from the film, and the trailer will soon be presented in a big way.

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