The first look of Sundar.C and bollywood actor and director Anurag Kashyap's film 'One 2 One' is out. 24 HRS Productions colossal production, written and directed by director K. Thirugnanam, starring Sundar.C and starring bollywood director anurag kashyap as the villain, the team has released the sizzling first look of 'One 2 One'. The first look of the film, featuring Sundar.C, anurag kashyap with fierce aggression, up and down a lightning-fast train, is creating a lot of excitement. The first look confirms that fans are in for a different commercial treat. Sundar.C has acted menacingly in a never before accepted role as a doting father to a child and on the other hand with an action face. bollywood director anurag kashyap has played a flamboyant role in this film, after Imaikka Nodgal as the villain opposite him. Along with them, Vijay Varman, who played the hero in Paramapatham Elethu, played an important role.

Director K. Thirugnanam has directed the film as a sensational commercial film with a lively screenplay, following the release of Paramapatham Elethu, starring actress Trisha. Sundar.C is playing the lead role in the film. bollywood director anurag kashyap, Vijay Varman and actress neetu chandra are playing the lead roles. Also starring Ragini Dwivedi, Baby Manasvi and Riaz Khan. music composer siddharth Vipin has composed four songs for the film. It is noteworthy that earlier, the film crew appreciated him by giving him a brand new iphone in awe of his music. While the shooting of the film has been completed, the final stages of the film are in full swing. Details about the teaser and trailer of the film will be officially announced soon.

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