Boyapati Srinu, a filmmaker of tollywood popular entertainment, has long been associated with genuine cult mass films, creating high-octane action comedies with excessive masala ingredients. But his most recent productions, especially "Skanda" with ram, have sparked questions about how formulaic his direction is.

Boyapati made a big impression with his first movie "Bhadra" and later carved out a place for himself in the mass-market cinema genre. Gradually, he shifted to producing loud, vulgar spectacles, finding success with films like "Simha," "Legend," and "Akhanda," which were mostly propelled by Balakrishna's star power. ram Pothineni’s mass and action entertainer skanda directed by boyapati Sreenu is off to a strong opening on its first day at the box office in telugu states despite of mixed reviews.

The overwhelming brutality in his films, however, didn't sit well with many viewers. With its nonsensical sequences, gratuitous carnage, and unnecessary political connotations, "Skanda" maintains this tendency, which eventually hurt the movie's reception. boyapati must review his filmmaking approach as he prepares sequels for "Akhanda" and "Skanda," respectively. The creation of the sequels and the involvement of performers like ram are both uncertain. Meanwhile, rumours claim that boyapati would team up with tamil star Suriya, which could lead to a change in Boyapati's strategy. Stay tuned for more updates.

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