Sridevi, a late actress, died away in 2018. There were several theories concerning the famous actress's unexpected death, which generated a stir. boney kapoor, her husband, finally discussed it after remaining silent for years. sridevi passed away at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers' Presidential Suite. According to reports, she drowned in the bathtub and died.

Boney Kapoor explained his reasons for keeping quiet about it for so long, how he was subjected to a lie detector test during an interrogation, and much more. boney kapoor explains that sridevi formerly practised salt-free, highly stringent diets. She occasionally went into blackouts as a result of this. boney kapoor remembers when nagarjuna related to her about a time when sridevi fractured her teeth after falling in the washroom.

Boney Kapoor, a well-known producer, told indian Express that the death wasn't due to natural causes; rather, it was an accident. Since I had discussed it for approximately 24 or 48 hours straight while I was being examined and questioned, I had made the decision to keep quiet about it. In reality, the police said that the indian media had put a lot of pressure on us, so we had no choice but to go through this. And they found there had been no criminal activity. I took every exam, including a lie detector test, and everything else. And of course, the report made it quite plain that it was an accident.

Sridevi was still adhering to a stringent eating plan when she passed away. She used to starve herself frequently in order to appear attractive. She wanted to make sure she looked well and was in good form for the camera. She experienced a few blackouts beginning with the time she was married to me, and the doctor kept stating that she had a low blood pressure problem,' he said.

Boney claims to have known about Sridevi's stringent diet and frequently asked their doctor to advise salting up her food. Unfortunately, she didn't take this seriously, and before the occurrence, he also believed it might not be this bad.

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