The tamil film industry and fans were outraged when Mansoor ali Khan, famed for playing villains, made unpleasant remarks. "When I heard I was acting with trisha, I assumed there would be a bedroom scene in the film," he explained. I imagined myself carrying her to the bedroom like I had done with numerous actresses in my previous films. I've done a lot of rape scenes in a variety of films, so it's nothing new to me. But during the kashmir shoot, these men didn't even show trisha to me."

Following these remarks, he has been slammed left, right, and center by everyone, with many pointing fingers at the most popular tamil director, lokesh Kanagaraj. lokesh, who has stated that he is a fan of this villain, gave him a role in 'LEO,' which has inspired equal hatred towards him. Some of these senior stars are setting a bad example for others in the film business with their bad behavior and attitudes. This isn't the first time he's said anything like this, and no one believes he truly regrets what he said.

However, Vijay never condemned Mansoor ali Khan so far and this has sparked outrage among netizens on social media. 

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