Bollywood actor salman khan and actress katrina kaif are currently enjoying the success of their film tiger 3

Last Friday, an event was organized in mumbai for the success of the film. In which salman had arrived with

Katrina and Emraan Hashmi. All three had a lot of fun in this event. When a fan asked Kat some questions,

Salman was seen mocking her by taking the name of the actress’s husband Vicky Kaushal.

Salman Khan made this comment on Vicky Kaushal

Actually, in this event, salman khan is seen with a fan holding a bouquet in his hand. Seeing him, salman Khan

starts teasing him. The actor asks the fan for whom he has brought this. So the fan says, Sir, for you, then Salman

says, For me, you are crazy, a boy brings a bouquet for a girl. I thought this was for Katrina.

After this, salman khan is seen telling the fans, But before giving, keep in is very long and wide, it will

kill you a lot... katrina is seen blushing on the stage after hearing these words from Salman. salman khan This

video is now going viral rapidly on the internet.

Know the worldwide collection of the film

Let us tell you that manish Sharma has directed salman khan, katrina kaif and Emraan Hashmi’s film tiger 3

Emraan Hashmi is playing the role of villain in the film. So salman and katrina were once again seen in the

roles of tiger and Zoya. The film has crossed the Rs 250 crore mark in india and talking about the worldwide

collection, the film has earned more than Rs 350 crore in just seven days.

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