Shalini has a golden heart like Ajith..!?

 There are many misconceptions about actor Ajithkumar that he does not come to public events much, does not raise his voice against social issues, and does not help anyone. But none of this is even remotely true. ajith is helping as the saying goes even the left hand should not know what the right hand is doing. ajith is not in the habit of calling thousands of people and shaking the arena to get applause and help. And ajith doesn't like artists coming out and saying that ajith helped me. Because of this, although he has done a lot of help, none of it is known, but only an unnecessary mystical image has fallen on him.
It was only after the death of actor Marimuthu, who was acting in the serial ``Ethir Neechal '' a few months ago, that ajith had made a piece for his son came to light. It is because of the things shared by one or two people that ajith is like. Actor ponnambalam is on that list like Marimuthu. The actor asked ajith for help. he child of one of Ponnamalam's close friends has been very ill. 55,000 required for hospitalization. At that time, ponnambalam was acting in a film with Ajith. Well, ponnambalam told all the details that he could ask ajith for this help. ajith said ok and went to shoot.
Again during the lunch break, ponnambalam goes to ajith saying that he can remind him about this matter. When he went to ajith and said sir that child, ajith has told to Shalini. She went to the hospital and settled the bill. The child is said to be safe. It was a big deal when ajith immediately called his wife at the busy shooting spot and asked her to pay the bill. What is more surprising is that shalini personally paid the bill instead of sending it to someone else. ponnambalam is heartbroken and says that no actor would have come to this extent and helped.

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