"I can't wait." karthi and tamannaah are excited about the Re-release of Piyaa!

The film's director Lingusamy congratulated actor karthi after the release of ' Paiyaa' on april 11.


Some films that were released many years ago and impressed the hearts of fans are being re-released in a big way that today's youth also enjoy watching and enjoying the same experience. Similarly, the movie ' Paiyaa', which was released 14 years ago and attracted the youth, will be re-released in theaters on april 11.

Directed by director Lingusamy, and starring karthi and tamannaah, this film released with music composed by shankar RAJA' target='_blank' title='yuvan shankar raja -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>yuvan shankar raja attracted fans from all walks of life like love, comedy, sentiment, action, and songs. Especially for actress tamannaah, this film became her first hit in tamil cinema. After that till now everyone knows that Tamannaah's journey in the film world is on the upswing.

In this situation, after the release of the film 'Paiya' on april 11, the director of the film Lingusamy congratulated actor Karthi. Talking about this, he said, "Whenever Paiya sees it, it will be new. Another specialty. you can watch it from any part of the film.. my friends always say that there is no confusion in the screenplay.

Be it the car journey in the film.. be it the small interesting love scenes.. be it the colorful dress.. be it Yuvan's songs.. be it the amazing cinematography by Mathi.. be it the narrator Brinda Sarathi who was with me in the shoot, be it Tamanna who was celebrated by the people.. everything was a pleasant experience. After that, the fans celebrated as a family in the theater. He said that nothing can be forgotten.


Karthi had many things to say. Similarly, actress tamannaah has shared her excitement and happiness about Paiya.

Regarding this, he posted on his social media page, “It is a great feeling to see that even after 14 years, the love for the film Paiyaa is still strong. I feel very happy to see the affection and love this film is getting even in this period. My mind is filled with excitement.

I can't wait to experience the magic of ' Paiyaa on the big screen with all of you again. I express my heartfelt gratitude to director Lingusamy sir, karthi, Yuvan shankar Raja, and the entire crew for giving me such wonderful memories,” tamannaah expressed her happiness.

Yuvan shankar Raja, while mentioning the musical performance of Paiyaa's musical empire, said that he is keen to see the beautiful magical love story again on the silver screen on the 11th.

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