Rs.3 crores per song. He is the highest-paid singer in India. But shreya ghoshal is not.

In this post, we will see who is the highest-paid singer in India. Singers who were popular in indian cinema in the 1950s were paid a salary of Rs.300. But today the top singers of the country are paid in lakhs. One in particular has earned the distinction of being the highest-paid singer in india, charging several crores per song. He is none other than. It is Rahman.

A.R. has touched the hearts of millions with his music. Rahman. Many films have run successfully only because of Rahman's music and singing. Apart from composing music, rahman also sings songs from time to time. Many of the songs that came out in his voice have become evergreen hit songs that have taken a place in the hearts of fans. Well, A.R. Do you know how much rahman gets paid to sing a song? According to reports, He charges Rs. 3 crores per song, making AR the highest-paid singer in India. rahman is there. It is worth noting that this fee is several times more than what other top singers in india get.

After Rahman, the highest paid singer in india is shreya ghoshal, who reportedly earns up to Rs 25 lakh per song. Suniti Chauhan and arijit singh are next on the list, both earning Rs. It is said that the salary is between 18-20 lakhs.Other highest-paid singers in the indian film industry include shaan and Sonu Nigam, who both charge Rs 18 lakh per song. Neha Kakkar, Mika and honey singh are said to be getting paid around Rs 10 lakh per song.

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