The makers of the most successful malayalam film, Manjummel Boys, are allegedly involved in money laundering, and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has launched a probe into this claim in a startling turn of events. Authorities sent out a second warning after the producers did not reply to the first Enforcement Case Information Report (ECIR).

The first warning was reportedly sent to the production business Parava Films, which was established by Soubin Shahir, Babu Shahir, and Shawn Antony. The probe was prompted by allegations made by Siraj Valiyathara Hameed, the movie's financier, who says the filmmakers deceived him.

Manjummel Boys achieved great success at the movie office and garnered praise from critics due to its captivating plot and exceptional cinematic experience. But when the movie's financier claimed that the filmmakers had broken their pledge to provide him a 40% profit share in return for his investment, controversy ensued.
The investor's allegation of deception has prompted the ED to launch the present probe, notwithstanding the movie's claimed box office receipts of Rs 220 crores. Soubin Shahir and the other producers of Manjummel Boys will shortly be questioned by ED. The inquiry is still ongoing, so viewers and industry insiders are still interested in learning how it will all end. Manjummel Boys, a riveting survival thriller helmed by Chidambaram, is inspired on a true story that occurred at Kodaikanal's Gunaa Caves, popularly known as Devil's Kitchen.


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