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'Okka Ammayi Thappa' is another 'Do-or-Die' test for struggling actor Sundeep Kishan. The movie is funded by Anji Reddy and shaped by debutante director Rajasimha Tadinada. The trailer created high hopes and let's see how the movie has been crafted. Let's see about the plot. Terrorists are trying to release their boss Aslam (Rahul Dev). So in order to demand Government, a group of terrorists lead by Anwar (Ravikishan) plant a powerful bomb on a flyover. Terrorists idea is to cause havoc in Traffic and blackmail the Government officials. Krishna (Sundeep) is a happy going guy and he is in pursuit of his Childhood girl friend 'Mango'. Along with thousands of people, Sundeep and Nithya Menen also gets trapped in the traffic jam on the flyover. As terrorists try to execute their plan to meet their demands, Krishna unfortunately enters their game. How story unfolds further must be watched on Silver screen !

Sundeep Kishan has definitely came a long way. His acting is a bit matured now. He fits the role of happy going youngster. But still he has a long way to go and enter the top league. Nithiin recently entered the league after 14 years of struggle. Nithya Menen is definitely capable of more than this. Her character scope is within boundaries and she can't do more than that. Rahul Dev as boss hardly appears and Ravi Kishan appears as main antagonist. Instead of venting his rage, he vents more 'Noise'. The movie has comedy actors Saptagiri, Prudhvi ,Tagubothu Ramesh and sadly none of them doesn't even evoke a smile on our faces. In fact, they are all too annoying. We can hear lots 'Murmurs' whenever they appear on screen. Rest of the cast has done justice to their roles.

Mickey.J.Meyer has proved his mettle in recent projects. Even in 'OAT' he has done it again. But apart from background score and two more songs, his trademark is missing. Also we can see lots of Plagiarism in each tune. What happened Mickey ? Running out of tunes ? Chota K.Naidu's cinematography is spectacular. The wide angle shots are a treat. But he is also kept within limits and all he can show is the flyover in various angles. But as the story happens between 10am - 6pm, he used various lenses to show the timings accordingly. That is a brilliant thing. Gautham Raju's editing is below par. Especially during the first half, the cuts should have been more crisp. Production values are too low and it is obvious from some Visual effects in background. Also junior artists in background are completely out of Sync. Rajasimha Tadinada himself has written the dialogues and he deserves claps for those powerful dialogues during pre-climax portion. At the same time, he deserve Boss for sluggish screenplay and such a 'crappy' love story. Art Director Chinna deserves a bow as he worked a lot to show the traffic scenario. But with low production values, he couldn't expand his feathers.

Sundeep Kishan has definitely given his best and he will definitely won't go in bad books of film makers. But this movie won't pay off ! Screenplay was made in such a way to lighten tense situation with humour. But unfortunately, humour is too bland. And Nithya menen is completely wasted. The only good thing about the movie is the pre-climax which happens for 25 minutes. 

Sundeep Kishan , Nithya Menen , Ali Rao Ramesh , Tanikella Bharani , Ravi Kishan , Brahmanandam ,"Okka Ammayi Thappa" is Unappetizing with sluggish screenplay !

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