Performances,Direction,Technicalities,Music,Message and First HalfPerformances,Direction,Technicalities,Music,Message and First HalfDragging second half,Movie has a short film feel & Simple story Line

Prema Ishq Kaadal has a collimate love story between three couples. Randy [Harsha Vardhan Rane] a Rockstar, who even runs a coffee shop. Sarayu [Vithika Sheru] a college going girl falls behind Randy for a college programme. Royal Raju [Vishnu Vardhan] assistant director for Mahanama’s [Satyam Rajesh] new movie, where he meets up with costume designer Sameera [Rithu Varma]. RJ Arjun [Harish] a playboy gets attracted to the attitude of Shanti [Srimukhi] a software professional who relocates from Chennai. The rest of the story is all about what happens when the trio understand the circle of Love and Life.

Thakitha Thakitha fame Harsha Vardhan Rane, totally nailed his performance as a Rockstar. His mannerism while giving his first stage performance in Anurag College or Final dialogues with Vithika are totally awing. Apart from Harsha Vardhan Rane, the newcomers in the film are impressive and vastly natural.

It’s tough to believe that most of the actors in this film are debutants. The young star cast Vithika Sheru, Rithu Varma, Vishnu vardhan, Harish and Sreemukhi proved better than many new comers in the industry. They are totally natural and acted with ease despite being their first film. Harish looked totally natural as urban playboy. His final scene in the restaurant is totally arresting. Vishnu Vardhan as innocent village guy is totally praise worthy.

Rithu Varma outsmarts the glam divas in the film. She is pretty in her performance as costume designer Sameera. Sri Mukhi (Acted in Julayi) over comes her mediocre looks with her expressions with timing. Vithika Sheru is good in her role gives us the feeling of déjà vu. Satyam Rajesh, Josh Ravi, Satya provide the comic relief. Rohit Nara voice over is used aptly. Poster Designer Bhanu Avirneni is promising in his extended cameo as a director. His frustrating scenes are funny. Movie once again proves the theory that director doesn’t need superstars or glam divas for a good story to narrate.

Story of the film is thin. Krishna Chaitanya and Pavan Sadineni script is the backbone of the film. Especially the way characters are introduced - Connected in the end deserves a special mention. Despite no separate comedy tracks, the situational comedy penned by screen writers is good between Satyam Rajesh – Josh Ravi - Satya.

The post interval is a bit prolonged [but highly naturalistic]. The songs by Shravan (Alias Janaki fame) given a first class audio. The Title Track, Chethakani and thule thule are fresh and has repeat value. Even Background score is effective. Lyrics by Krishna Chaitanya deserve a special applaud. Chethakani song lyrics are simply amazing. Cinematographer Karthik is stupendous and locales enhance the film.

Dialogues in the film are in sync with the script, ex: Nenu emaina Marupuki Brand Ambassador Na,Chinnapati nundi ARTS lo unna kada sir Maths ni Pedhaga Pattinchukoledhu, Ratri jarigina Abbadanni Poddhune vachi nijam enduku cheddam anukuntunav. Coffee Shop set by Art Director Mohan is modernistic. Editing of the film could have been curt.

The story gets a little draggy in the second half and makes one look at the watch. Costumes by Vithika Sheru are good and aptly suited the characters. It is not understood why censor did consider of giving “A” certificate. When the movie neat without any vulgar scenes or issues. Censor people should be once verified before they actually censor a movie. Production values of the film are good. For a film made with 75 lakhs budget the technicalities are appreciable.

Prema Ishq Kaadal is a modern age multiplex film that is aimed the youth. The movie manages to avoid cheap Tollywood writing, and gently leads you down its plot. Just when you think you might know where the story is going, it heads in a different direction. Points are revealed to you layer by layer. PIK is a decent rom-com film which had some fine moments to sustain you through the entire film coupled by good performances and good music.

Harshvardhan Rane,Ritu Varma,Pavan Sadineni, BekkamVenugopal, ShravanA Youthful Musical Entertainer.

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