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PK (Nithin a courier boy in Hyderabad, falls in love in the first instance with Khadi Bhavan sales girl Kavya (Yami Gautham) while delivering a courier. To make her impress, PK starts following Kavya. But things fall apart when he picks up Sathya Murthi's (Nassar) package, which can destroy doctor Ashutosh Rana’s 10 years of research. Aggressive Ashutosh Rana’s associates start following PK, asking to handover the important package. As PK goes about out-biking this researcher and his associates – he uncovers the truth about the package, which leads to never ending chases, fights, thrills and uncovering the truth in the finale.

There aren't any earth shattering performances in Courier Boy Kalyan that will leave you mesmerized. Nithiin does a decent job of playing a happy-go-lucky guy character. Ashutosh Rana is quite good in the role that he has been provided with, but there is little that any of these actors can do to salvage the film. Yami Gautham is okay in a relatively quiet a long role, does leave a mark. Nassar, Surya, Surekha Vani, Harsha Vardhan, Satyam Rajesh and Ravi Prakash are mediocre in their limited characters.

“Courier Boy Kalyan” is a sort of inspired from Hollywood film “Premium Rush”. Which is about a courier boy who picks up a package of little evident value, but its significance is worth a lot of money on the black market. Thanks to writer-director Prem Sai, who tries to add unnecessarily long romantic angle and drag things further by adding too many romantic numbers. The script is a mixed bag, in that just as you start loosening up the mood of the film and get used to the shady tone, it stuffs itself with really long sappy romantic sequences and songs that will dispel the fizz in no time. To say that writing of the film is bad would be an understatement. And the making does no justice to the writing, and together it is mismatch of a movie that is royal annoyance.

This is a kind of a film that will drive you into a passive mode, and before it’s too long, you have resigned yourself to your fate. You grow non anticipant, grumble a bit to yourself and then fall unsound, appalled at the way things are narrated forward. Dialogues by Prem Sai (With the expertise of Kona Venkat & Harshavardhan) are not upto the mark. For example, Mana deggara Tigers and ammayile ra thakkuva, nuttiki padhi mandi re unnaru.. this clears your idea about the range of dialogues mumbled in the film. Romance between Nithiin and Yami Gautham is just okay, but they are over dosed. Even comic portions fall flat. For a film that is arcminute low on content, “Courier Boy Kalyan” is surprisingly good when it comes to its art work and cinematography. Songs just come and go as speed breakers throughout the film (which is just 104 Minutes long) and Music composers Karthik and Anup Rubens luckily succeed in making tunes pleasant to the ears. Sandeep Chowta has let down the film with his unconvincing background score. Cinematographer Satya Ponmar tried to capture the scenes in a quite a realistic manner. Despite the running time under two hour, editing by Praveen Pudi (makers even thanks 6-7 editors in the starting credits) feels 20 minutes too long. Art work is fine. Production Values of “Photon Kathaas” are not appropriate.

There are two ways one could make a romantic thriller. Either make it entertaining by shooting feel good episodes between the lead characters, adding plenty of humor and action sequences or take a serious approach by writing different characterizations and digging into the thrills and creating dangerous surrounding around the lead character’s lifestyle. This movie doesn't do either of those, at least not properly. It has characters that are clichéd, the script is hokum, and there is no entertainment factor. On the whole, the uncompelling and sketchy telling in Courier Boy Kalyan makes the film quaggy mess.

Nitin,Yami Gautam,Prem Sai,Gautham Menon,KarthikCourier Boy Kalyan Fails to deliver the goods

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