The telangana State Anti-Narcotics Bureau (TSNAB), established to combat the drug epidemic, will employ both technological know-how and on-the-ground operations to identify, look into, and bring drug rackets and criminals to justice. The TSNAB has a fully functional technological wing where the officers will monitor and analyze the data of offenders, monitor them, obtain information from social media and the dark web, examine the electronic devices confiscated from offenders for information, and do financial analysis. Additionally, there are resources for recovering data from SIM cards and broken mobile devices.
The Task Force and Regional Narcotics Control Cells will execute operations, according to TSNAB director CV Anand, while the technology wing would assist with everything from the backend. Cases will be booked at the four drugs police stations in the Hyderabad, Cyberabad, Rachakonda, and warangal commissionerates. The TSNAB has a dog squad, and the dogs will help the detectives find drugs hidden in baggage or cars. He said that there is a legal and investigation monitoring wing that would try to get drug offenders convicted.

The TSNAB representatives are in contact with the relevant authorities to establish up four special courts to hear NDPS matters. The possible locations for the courts are warangal, Rachakonda, Cyberabad, and Hyderabad. The TSNAB authorities will work hard to raise awareness of drug usage in workplaces, public areas, and educational institutions.

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