Former congress MP says that indian people will defeat bjp in upcoming elections. Rahul gandhi said.

Rahul gandhi came to New York after completing his trips to Washington and San Francisco. He addresses a rally at the Javits Center in Manhattan. Before that, he attended a dinner organized by the indian Overseas Congress. Speaking at the party, he said, "We have shown how we can defeat the bjp in Karnataka. We have made the bjp fail miserably there. It should be called destruction rather than failure. We have destroyed the BJP.

BJP made all efforts to win karnataka elections. They had a government. There was money. All power was there. There was also the media. But we defeated them. We will defeat them in telangana next. After that it will be rare to see bjp in Telangana.

Let us repeat what happened to bjp in karnataka not only in telangana but also in Chhattisgarh, rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

There is a reason for all this. It is the result of India's understanding. india now understands one thing. bjp has understood that it should not go ahead with spreading hatred in the society. So the destruction of bjp is going to happen in the next state elections and 2024 lok sabha elections.

The opposition parties have united for that. We are working towards an ideological war. On one side is the separatist ideology of the BJP. On the other hand is the congress ideology of love and affection.

BJP tried to incite hatred between two different communities during the election in Karnataka. The prime minister himself tried it. But it didn't work. The people of karnataka proved that this election is an election to end inflation, unemployment and corruption," he said.

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