The hospital management has explained former prime minister manmohan Singh's health condition. Manmohan's health is in good shape. Hospital Information in delhi manmohan singh was previously believed to have been brought to the hospital due to a fever and bad health. He was admitted to the hospital and treated for almost two weeks before returning home in great condition.

According to the management of delhi Aims Hospital, former prime minister manmohan Singh's condition is stable. From 2004 until 2014, former prime minister manmohan singh, a member of the congress party, served as the country's prime minister for ten years in a row. He is currently 89 years old. manmohan singh is retiring from public events due to his advanced age and health issues. manmohan singh has been suffering from a strong fever for the past two days. Meanwhile, manmohan singh has been brought to Delhi's AIIMS hospital due to illness.

On social media, rumours concerning his health continued to circulate. The management of delhi Aims Hospital issued the following statement: manmohan singh, the former prime minister, is in good health. No one should believe the health rumours circulating on social media. He is receiving treatment regularly. If necessary, we will offer updates on his health regularly. 

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