Rajya Sabha mp and bjp leader Subramaniya Swamy on sunday said that "India should invade bangladesh if the torture of Hindus do not stop". 

Swamy addressed a press conference in Tripura yesterday where he made statements about several issues. He said “India will continue to support but Sheikh Hasina should be warned to stop those mad people from demolishing Hindu temples, converting Hindu temples into Masjid and converting Hindus to Muslims.”. 

He also said that if bangladesh does not stop torturing Hindus, I would recommend our government to invade bangladesh and take it over, he quoted this to ANI. Swamy was attending a program in Agartala. He addressed imran khan as 'chaprasi'. He said pakistan is run by "ISI, military and terrorists". 

When questioned about Pakistan's infiltration of terrorists into india he said “Imran Khan is nothing but a 'chaprasi' because the country (Pakistan) is run by the military, ISI and terrorists, and imran khan is just one of the 'chaprasi' of the government. He may be called the Prime Minister, but he is a 'chaprasi', ”. 

He also commented about elections saying bjp should fight national general elections by Hindutva and Corruption. Swamy believes nda government has done many good works in the last four years and people would bring it back to power to fulfill the unaccomplished tasks.

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