Pakistan helps Ukraine... russia is furious.!!

Everyone knows that the government of pakistan is in a huge financial crisis, and while pakistan has intensified cost-cutting measures, it is keen not to miss opportunities to raise new funds. In this situation, pakistan has asked russia for discounted crude oil because of its alleged aid to ukraine since the start of the Russian-Russian war. He has clearly said that he will not be able to give it on time. While the G7 countries are providing large amounts of support to ukraine in the Ukraine-Russia war, china is supporting russia and india has no opposition. In this situation, it has been reported that pakistan, which is close to india and china, is going to supply tankers for use in the war in Ukraine. This news must shock Russian President Vladimir. In order to get financial support from the Western countries, it has been reported that the Ukrainian army will use the 44 T-80UD main battle tanks it has in the war against Russia. pakistan has decided to do this because of the guarantee. China's financial assistance to pakistan is not enough, and Pakistan's non-assistance from its allies has created a major crisis while the IMF loan continues to be delayed.As Pakistan's finances continue to deteriorate, the government of pakistan seems to have no choice but to deliver 44 T80UD tanks to ukraine amid a crisis to protect its people and save the country from bankruptcy. Pakistan's army has around 2,467 main battle tanks, of which the T-80UD is a Soviet-era T-80. An improved version of Tank. Military and industrial ties between pakistan and ukraine have existed for many years.Pakistan has bought about 320 Ukrainian T-80UD tanks from ukraine, not only, but it has also bought about $1.6 billion worth of arms from ukraine over the period 1991 to 2020. Not only this, it is noteworthy that in 2021, Ukraine-Pakistan signed an agreement to jointly manufacture weapons.

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