What is happening in Kalashetra? S*xual harassment..?

  Today, the students of Kalashetra, a central educational institution in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai, are protesting against the sexual harassment of female students. The students of the Kalashetra in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai, are protesting to take action against the professor who sexually harassed the students. students of Kalashetra Educational Institute, which operates under the control of the central government, raised allegations on social media that a professor was sexually harassing students. The protest by students to take action against Kalashetra professors for sexually harassing female students has intensified. In this situation, Kalakshetra dance School has been announced as a holiday till april 6. The National Commission for women had ordered an investigation by the tamil Nadu police following the students' protest.
Following the students' protest, the National Commission for women ordered an investigation by the tamil Nadu police. Based on this petition, the National Commission for women withdrew the order for a police investigation on the grounds that no one had been sexually harassed there. When students continued to report sexual harassment and talked about it on social media, the sudden withdrawal of the National Commission for women, which was supposed to investigate, caused great confusion and suspicion among the students.

The administration is reluctant to take action against the concerned teachers as they have been working for a long time and all the students studying there have joined the sit-in protest to demand appropriate action against the concerned teachers. It has been informed by the students that the protest will continue in the absence of any concrete response from the college administration regarding taking formal action against the professor. In this situation, the Kalashetra administration has announced a holiday for the students till the 6th, which has caused a shock.

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